Tamko Shingles

Heritage Series

The Heritage Series of shingles come in five different models: Heritage, Heritage IR, Heritage Premium, Heritage Woodgate, and Heritage Vintage.

The regular Heritage shingle is the most basic and affordable of them all. It is a laminated asphalt shingle that comes in a wide range of colors. It is made up of a shadowtone granule blend and each shingle is randomly cut to give your roof a natural look. They include a self-sealing asphalt strip and double-layer fiberglass mat for added strength.

The Heritage IR has a Class 4 impact resistance rating due to a non-woven polyester fabric reinforcement and fiberglass mat. It is designed to withstand maximum impact. During testing, they drop a 2 inch steel ball from 20 feet high and it can withstand the impact without cracking or shattering. Due to Class 4 impact rating, some insurance companies offer a reduction in homeowner’s insurance.

The Heritage Premium is a step-up from the regular Heritage shingle. Instead of a 15-year full start warranty and a 30-year limited warranty (which will be discussed later in the article), the Heritage Premium includes a 20-year full start warranty and a 50-year limited warranty. They simulate the rustic wood shake look without the expensive price of a wood shake.

The Heritage Woodgate is a stylish shingle giving your home a sophisticated wood-shake look. The wider cuts of these shingles are more natural looking. These shingles come in six different colors: Cabin Wood Brown, Weathered Wood, Rustic RedWood, Cedar Wood, Antique Wood and Black Sage. The color blend is very rustic looking.

The Heritage Vintage is a premium stylish shingle. It comes with a better warranty than the Woodgate but also has a rustic wood-shake look.

MetalWorks Steel Shingles

The MetalWorks series are steel shingles as opposed to your typical asphalt shingle. Even though they are made with steel, they have the appearance as wood and natural slate shingles. There are three models: the AstonWood, The StoneCrest Tile and the StoneCrest Slate.

The MetalWorks AstonWood is an Energy Star rated shingle due to its highly reflective properties allowing it to reflect sun rays thus decreasing cooling costs. They are made from 50% recycled material and provide your home with a traditional real wood shingle look. In addition, they can be installed on top of your existing asphalt shingles, lowering your costs by eliminating disposal costs. The AstonWood steel single is also durable. Its special coating protects against aging.

The MetalWorks StoneCrest steel shingle has a distinctive, uniform tile look and comes in such colors as Quaker Green, Vermont Blue and Sierra Slate Grey. This model also has an Energy Star rating and reflective properties. The installation process is similar to the AstonWood given that they are both metal shingles.

The MetalWorks StoneCrest steel shingle has a natural slate like look. It is quite astounding how closely they look like natural slate. Other than being a bit heavier than the other models, these are similar in all other regards.

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Dos and Don’ts About Roofing Contracts

The word contracts alone has a tendency to scare people away from getting a new roof put on their homes. Contracts typically mean that the customer is getting locked into some kind of agreement that they will become penalized if they break the contract.

The penalty could be something that will end up costing the customer money. However, the penalty can also benefit the roofing company because they will not lose out on a customer’s business without charging them. The charge that the customers receive will cover the work that has been done on the customers roofs to date.

It should always be on your checklists to verify the fine print in your roofing companies’ contracts. It is never the company’s intentions to trick you or hide things from you. Their purpose is to make sure that their legal rights are clearly stated so that they have a backup plan if their customers choose to fight back against them.

As a customer, it should always be in your best interest to find the best roofing company in the industry. You want someone that knows what they are doing and can do the job well. The customers usually know exactly what they want and the price range that they need to stay within in order to be able to afford the project.

The roofing company along with the customers should have a meeting in person to consult the different options that are available to them. Once everyone has come to a conclusion about what would be the best fit for the customer then it is time to start thinking about the contract. Majority of the roofers will have some kind of warranty or guarantee statement to protect the work that they do. This will reassure the customers that they are paying for something that is worth it.

Some warranties can be extended. A roofer employee should be able to tell you what the details about the warranties are. Typically a roofing companies warranty can be extended for an additional cost. This is common for warranties on almost any product. There is a limited warranty that will likely be included in the total price of the work. This usually lasts shorter time frame and may not cover everything that was done on the roof.

One type of contract that people typically have a tendency of forgetting is the quoted time frame that will be required to complete the roofing job. Usually a contract will indicate the timeline of the roof repair project.

In the contract you should take a special note of how long the roof replacement will take. This time frame may vary depending on the company. You should also always be aware of what the roofing company says in the contract about the different types of equipment that will be used on your home.

Warranties will typically cover any roofing problems that will occur after the new install of the roof. It is important that the customer is aware of when the warranty expires.