UPDATE #6: This is how much technology people in Social City desire

byEditorial Team

published on 18/1/2016

Windmills, solar panels, robots doing the work and the internet-of-everything: Social City would be well equipped with technology.

People filling in the online Social City poll about their ideal city are of course already somewhat websavvy. Nevertheless, the desired amount of technology in their city is pretty high.

Social City is a windmill city, the 21st century version of the Dutch landscape from centuries ago. Just have a look at what the city looks like now to see for yourself.


For Social Citizens, whether or not to use renewable energy is not even a question: 9 out of 10 citizens want a lot of solar panels to juice up their lives.

In an interview with Social City TV at the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, curator Alfredo Brillembourg talked about how his ideal nomadic lifestyle would be fueled by technology.


And the robots are coming. Are they threatening our jobs or will they ease our lives? The largest share of Social Citizens is welcoming to the robotisation of work. So maybe, as Monnik wrote for Social City, work bots can free up our time so that we can spend it the way we desire to, with the risk of becoming bored as...


Top Image: Many people are hanging out in the same space at the same time. However, they are having fun in all different ways supported by the new technology. At the conner of square, the first wireless network memorial statue is also placed. 

Visualization by Sayme Choi. 



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