UPDATE #3: Social Citizens want more urban nature

byEditorial Team

published on 3/12/2015

This week’s update is about the coexistence of nature and the city: the majority of Social Citizens is eager to have as much nature as possible. How do we reconnect cities to nature?

The forest and the park are the most popular types of nature, followed by the beach, flowers, water and trees. When it comes to the preferred view from their homes, Social Citizens would mostly like to look at the cityscape, mountains, and the seaside.

The findings imply a serious design challenge: is it possible to have a real experience of nature in ever-denser cities?

One of the Social City inhabitants, Shenzhen-based architect Cong Lin, shared his satirical comments on his hometown as a coastal city. He pointed out the lack of an "urban soul" in Shenzhen, where heavy infrastructure is built along the seaside, blocking the natural scenery from view and use. While it was historically a fishing town, “who still sees Shenzhen as a coastal city today?” Cong Lin desires the regeneration of the waterfront and marine ecosystem of Shenzhen. In his criticism, he compares Shenzhen to Hong Kong, where the historical geography of the landscape is more present in the urban makeup. Moreover, he would like the pleasures of nature in and around the city to be accessible for everyone, not just for those who can afford it.

The Shenzhen Interchange skyscraper flipped on its side, turning it into a landscraper with a vertical garden where the city meets the forest. Visualisation by Tom Davis.


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