UPDATE #2: the square is the most desired public space

byEditorial Team

published on 20/11/2015

This week’s poll update: streets and benches are liked, but squares score best as favourite public space. How can we use them optimally?

Without doubt, the square is the most popular kind of public space for the citizens of Social City. Having the choice between ‘square’, ‘street’, ‘bench’, ‘world wide web’, ‘my house’, and ‘I only need private space’, almost half of them went for the square. With the virtual world always at hand, people still like to be public in the real world, as well as outside of their own homes.

What's more is that the Social Citizens currently living in China have a preference for the square that is well above average.

The variety of aspirations in the virtual city mirrors the diversity of age, gender, socio-cultural and national background of citizens. These differences enrich city life, as long as people are able to express them publicly.

Giving citizens the freedom to shape their public space might produce innovative and hybrid ideas that planners and architects never thought about. In Social City different social realities co-exist. Everybody has equal voice to generate a layered space for discussion, continuously fueling the debate and inspiring new design solutions.

How can the diverse backgrounds and aspirations of citizens then be optimally facilitated? What if the there would be a swarm of housting stock around the statue's head? Can we see the square as a beach? Could the elevated housing also provide space for Sky Chi?

We will go deeper into the topic of public space by asking Social Citizens and experts more about it, stay tuned!


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