The truck driver wants to ban cars

byEditorial Team

published on 20/1/2016

People filling in the online MINI-QUIZ about their ideal way of governing the city are already somewhat websavvy.

Social City team went on a #STREETTALK expedition in the city of Amsterdam, to reach non web-users. Common citizens were asked the following questions: How do you want to rule your City? 


Here are some excerpts of our street talks:

Goda, Student 

"If I ruled the city I would abolish rules and regulations. I think we need a world with less restrictions, more open in order to create a free space for dialogue"

Goda, Student

Leandra, Nurse

“ I would promote universal basic inome, to create equal opportunities for everybody”. 

Reza, Urban planner and reasercher

“ I would change a lot of things. First of all I would ban cars. I would also create good quality public space, by making it lively and diverse, to attract citizens with different backgrounds”

 Jessica, market shop owner

"I would like to create opportunities for small entrepreneurship. People have the power to self-organize the city, but I would try to establish stronger networks between citizens to generate new jobs."

Ba, truck driver

“ I would like to ban cars but also give everybody access to free public transport in the city.”

Crispijn, market shop owner

"Back in the days urban planners were thinking more about Social Housing. Now the public interest is neglected. I would focus on building more Social Housing projects".

Ana Luìsa, student

"I would ban cars and create new opportunities for small entrepreneurship. People need to discuss these important topics and develop innovative models for transportation and new businesses"


 Stay tuned for next week street talks!


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