UPDATE #4: Social Citizens choose to cycle and walk, cars are least favoured

byEditorial Team

published on 29/12/2015

This week’s update is about mobility: how would you like to move around in Social City and use space if there were no cars at all? 

More than half of the citizens prefer to cycle around the city. Walking is the second desired means of transport, followed by the skateboard, the moped and the bus. The car is the least-favoured mobility tool.

Social City TV interviewed a young man at our exhibition of the Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in Shenzhen. When he was asked “how do you want to move around in the city?”, he did not hesitate to share his desire to walk in Shenzhen. However, the current layout of the city doesn’t easily allow people to walk from one spot to another in their everyday life. He, as a Shenzhen local, would like to experience the city more in the sea breeze while walking. Nowadays, bus, metro and car are the most used transportation types in Shenzhen. Our poll results show the opposite opposite desires. How can the dense city make room for people’s desires to cycle and walk in their city?

As they want to ride bikes and use their feet to move around, an argument could be made for banning cars from our urban neighbourhoods. We asked what Social Citizens would do in a car-free street? Most people simply like the ability to walk around freely. Others like to grow vegetables in public space, grab their skateboards, have block parties, jog or walk their dogs.

Public space can be used in a different way besides simply as a means to get from point A to point B. In Social City, there is a large demand for car-free streets, and an urge to use the street as a place instead of a piece of infrastructure. By using alternative, more healthy and less polluting means of transportation, can we rethink the use and makeup of the urban landscape?


Top image: street use on a car-free day in Excelsior, MA, United States. Flickr/throgers.


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