FabCity Amsterdam: Makerspace for Urban Innovators

byEditorial Team

published on 14/5/2016

At the head of Java island in Amsterdam's former eastern harbor, against the curious backdrop of two giant floating tourist resorts, lies an improvised temporary city. It is comprised of around 50 pavillions, installations and prototypes for urban living. In the context of the Netherlands' half-year presidency of the European Union, more than 400 young students, professionals, artists and creatives from a broad range of vocational and academic backgrounds are developing the site into a sustainable urban laboratory. At FabCity, they present and test solutions for current urban issues, including alternative forms of energy, new ways of transportation, different possibilities for treating waterlocal food supplies and re-using waste. FabCity will be open for an inspirational visit untill June 26th.

Fabcity entrance (photo: Max Bruinsma)
Fabcity entrance (photo: Max Bruinsma)
photo at top: Maarten Essenburg


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