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Ever wondered whether your EGO is matching your real behavior?

byEditorial Team

published on 23/3/2017

During the Economia Festival (April 28-30) at NatLab Eindhoven visitors should prepare themselves to be flooded with cash. Not the kind of cash that we are used to in our daily lives, but a currency based on your own values and beliefs. How do your needs and desires, interactions and transactions end up in an economic system, and what are its consequences for society?

Via a poll you will soon be able to share your individual habits of earning and spending money. In return you will receive a voucher with your personal currency, which you can spend at the festival. While using the voucher, you will be confronted with the deviations between your initial abstract values you left in the poll and the transactions you make in real life at the festival. An overview of the various transactions and cohabitions will be projected on screens at the festival. The EGONOMIA experiment shows how your motivations influence yourself, society and how you can use them to create another, better world.

Get your money based on your personal values at the Egonomia website.

Droog is partner of the EGONOMIA project initiated by Mark van der Net (OSCity/Design+Desires) and Wiepko Oosterhuis. Other partners of EGONOMIA: Baltan Laboratories, VPRO Medialab and Park Strijpbeheer.




We welcome new Social Citizens! Click here to read more and take the Poll.

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