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Design+Desires and Social City explained at Het Nutshuis, The Hague

byEditorial Team

published on 23/6/2016

Sunday June 26, the Design+Desires program and its various projects will be explained by Suki (Droog/Designs+Desires) for a live audience at the talkshow 'Kamera Kultura' in Het Nutshuis, The Hague. The show will be in Dutch and it starts at 11.00hrs, tickets (10euro incl. burnch) are available half an hour before start at the reception of Het Nutshuis.

Kamera Kultura
talkshow 11.00hrs
entrance (incl. brunch) 10 euro

Visiting address:
Riviervismarkt 5
2513 AM Den Haag
tel: 070 345 90 90


We welcome new Social Citizens! Click here to read more and take the Poll.

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