We need you: Continuous re-designing of Social City beta

byEditorial Team

published on 28/6/2016

Social City beta is a first proposal for a future city designed by TD architects. They took all the the dreams and desires of city dwellers worldwide from the poll and made a first design of this dream city (including a top view). The Design+Desires team is asking for feedback on this first proposal.

You can answer by writing, sketching on the drawing and scan a picture (see example), calling, skyping, making a video – whichever way you feel shows your ideas best: we welcome all your creative endeavors!

Here are some guidelines for your input:

> What is your first impression of the first design of Social City?

> Could your dreams and desires come true in this city?

> Which area of this city would you never visit? And why?

> What do you like about Social City, and what not?

  - Where would your house be?

  - Where would you work?

  - How would you commute from your house to your work and which route do you   


  - Where would you hang out with friends?

  - Where would you spend you free time? What do you do?

  - Where would you go for shopping?

  - Which area is your favorite, if any?

  - Which area you would never visit, if any?

Is there anything else in your daily routine you want to share with us? 

In a second email, you will find attached a sketch of how this could work out.

We appreciate that your input takes time. And your time is very valuable to us. So as soon as we’ve received your feedback, you’ll be sent a 100euro giftvoucher which you can spend in our Droog webshop. You can send your answers and any questions you have to: suki@droog.com

Based on your feedback, TD will redesign the city. The challenge is to re-design the city in such a way, that solutions for conflicting desires can co-exist and new possibilities arise. This will be a continuous process, until all the various dreams and desires how to live in the city are fullfilled in a smart, innovative concept which brings opportunities for new businesses to flourish, new spaces to be installed, new sports to be invented, et cetera. 


We welcome new Social Citizens! Click here to read more and take the Poll.

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